Monday, August 13, 2007

Butter and Flies :)

Hello all!

Phil and I had a great weekend together... We went to the Illinois State Fair on Saturday. It was cool. I wish I would have had my camera to take more pictures, but I hate to carry stuff around when I'm trying to look at things and eat my favorite "fair gyros" :) I did however, get a few with Phil's phone... I had to share this with my blog friends...

Yup, this is ALL butter!!! Amazing huh? The tallest point was probably 4 1/2 feet tall...

Look at the little kitty cat!! You can't really see them, but hanging from the tree they had made little dragon flies and hung them from string... On this last one, be sure to look at the owl. The detail was incredible!!! It even had little glasses on! And the doggie!!! I could have stood there for hours and just stared at it... but of course as you can see, I wasn't the only one who thought it was cool!

On our way home, we made a pit-stop at our local Wally Word to buy a new pet...errrr plant.

This is our new fly trap plant! If you haven't seen these... they are really neat. I remember having one in our class room when I was in kindygarden... the one that is really out of focus and has a black spot... we got a hold of a fly and put it on the petal... and it closes up around the fly! It was really neat! Naturally, if you just leave the plant alone, the flies land on the petals, and they eat them... it's a live plant!

On Sunday, we had our church picnic... this was different from any other year though, we actually stayed in the basement of the church for most of the activities (eating) and only went back to the pavilion for snow cones (made by none other than the Snow King and Queen... yours truely) and our traditional egg toss. We also had some other games, but people didn't last very long, because it was like almost 100 degrees... it was burning hot.

Anyways, that is an update on the Hulett home... we are good, and God is great!

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Mrs. Kristy said...

I love FlyTrap Plants. The are really awesome to watch. The Butter images were unbelievable to look at. No time, no talk I know. Hope you both are doing well.