Friday, July 20, 2007

Camping Trip

I know, you'll are probably fainting thinking of Emily going on a camping trip... lol. When Phil and I got married, I agreed that I would go with him at least once. He thought I had never had the "true" camping experience... Well, he can say that I did now. LOL We had a blast, here are some details from our camping! (the pictures are taken with my camera phone, because I forgot the camera in the car! Imagine that!) Enjoy!

This was the fire we built! You can't see it too well, but I'm really proud of it because I was the one who went looking for fire wood. Of course I was sure to tell Phil, that I really didn't enjoy this part... Everyone at work thought it was hilarious that I had never built a fire... I work for the Boy Scouts... Of course I replied back with... I'm a girl... :)

This is our tent!!! It was so easy to put up! Phil kept sayin that you aren't suppose to sleep when you go camping... Yes, I know... why did we put it up then???? We ended up staying up until about 5 a.m. then going and taking a nap :) Although, Phil does these trout line things... and we had to go out every two hours to check the lines... oh joy!

This is me with one of the fish I caught! We ended up being able to take back about 5 fish... two were really good size catfish! yum! And give me credit for looking so icky... I'd been up for almost 30 hours with about two hours of sleep and no shower!

Speaking of me looking icky... Ginger went with us... She was filthy!!!! She loved the fish we caught and how they jumped she would just start barkin and growling... it was cute. We wrapped a shirt around her to get her home and walked straight into the bathroom... This was her right before we left. She got hot so she went and laid in the muddy water... Ya just gotta love dogs...

Last but not least... a pic of the hubby and I... he ALWAYS does this in pictures... but ya just gotta love him!


The Bryants said...

Hey Emily!! I'm glad I came across your blog! How are you? It looks as if you've been busy...and we just recently did the camping thing too! Come visit us at:
Congratulations on the house, it's adorable! We miss you!!!

Jake and Amy Burkholder said...

Dear Emily,

Thanks for signing my guestbook. I am glad that I can keep up with you and Phil this way. Are you all done with school? What are your plans? I am excited that you bought a house. E-mail me at Good to talk to you.

Amy Burkholder