Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Okay, so I finally got my camera to my work so that I could download all the pics... I have 205. Ah! But I don't think Blogger would let me post them all on here... So I'm going to pic some of my favorties.... I think I'll have to do two posts to get all the pics in!

Our 1st House!!!! We are homeowners!!!Us, signing our lives away for 30 years...Our Ginger...Bill & Meghan Howell
(they came and spent some time with us before we left :) It was great... we miss them tons!)
Morgie Porgie and I at T-Fest '07!!!! (yes, that is face paint on my cheek...)
Mr & Mrs. Brian Newby :) This is my cousin and her new hubby... they got married in Jamaca in March, and we had a reception for them in Indiana... it made for a nice weekend away!
Phil and I in Indiana at the Esenhaus (sp?) I got to show him where we used to live and where all of my wonderful childhood memories were :)
Amish Buggies!!! I was so excited to see them again!

The house that I grew up in as a kid...

I'll post more pics later...


dallman said...

So you were in my neck of the woods and didn't even stop to say hi. Boy am I hurt

Emily said...

LOL actually we did! There wasn't a car there!!!! We actually drove by your house! No need to be hurt... we still love you! And when you are coming to see us????