Friday, August 31, 2007

3:00 AM

Hello all: Today is my birthday, it hasn't started off well though... we got a call about 10:00 p.m. last night that a very dear man in our church had had a stroke. We rushed to the hospital, along with most of our church family to be there for his family. It is now 3:00 a.m. and they have transfered him to OSF (he was at Pekin). They have just taken him in for an MRI. At first, he had lost his sight, and alot of other things. Now, he can see better. Praise God! However, he doesn't have very much control of the right side of his body, and his speech is very slurred. But God knows, and He is faithful! There are quite a few of us here... but I'm still really sleepy!

I feel bad being so excited about my birthday... If you really know me, you'd know that I'm like a kid when it comes to Christmas about my birthday.... I love it! Right now though, it's not lookin like it's gonna be such a bright day! But I'm sure we'll make up for it, and celebrate all weekend! I have a feeling that something is going to happen tonight, and it might involve Monicals... but don't tell anyone! ;) I don't think I'm suppose to know! (shhhh!!!)

Pray for me please... I'm seriously considering giving piano lessons, but I lack a thing called self-confidence, or lack of knowledge fear... lol I've had quite a few people ask me about them, and if I would do it. We were just praying about a way to pay off some of this work that we are doing to the house. God knows, and he'll provide! Just pray that I won't be stubborn to His will. Speaking of His will... I have something that I need to write about, but it is very hard for me... I know that alot of people struggle with this thing, but I tend to hide it to myself. But I know that if we have struggles, or things we just don't flipping understand, that for some reason, God gives us people who have expierenced the same thing. And He gives them to us, or puts them in our lives for a purpose, and I don't want my pride of self dignity or whatever you want to call it to get in the way....

God is good, all the time... even though sometimes we just don't see it.


Mary McCoy A.K.A. Charlie said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear Emily!! Happy Birthday to you!! I hope that your day gets better, and that you have a day that is unforgetable!! Have a good one!


Mrs. Kristy said...

I will be praying for the Piano Lessons and that God will give you the right books to teach with. Also that God will give you the courage to write about the tough things as well. Sometimes or I should say a lot of times it feels like we are alone, because well frankly we are. We all can't live with each other, but we sure can pray and encourage each other. And in this sense we are not alone. I find out more and more it's through comments and e-mails that I get the most encouragement. Sure through some people in person too, but not like my internet friends. So cheer up little lady cause after the storm clouds God always sends a rainbow!!