Tuesday, August 28, 2007

total eclipse of the heart....

At 4:40 A.M. (that is in caps for emphasis!) Phil and I crawled out of bed to go watch the lunier (sp?) eclipse. We thought that we would have to drive out of town, but we actually were just able to stand in our front yard and watch it happen. It was so neat. I don't have any pictures, because it wouldn't work... but you can search on google and see pictures of other ones. The entire time we were standing there I had "total eclipse of the heart" song in my head... lol Anyway, this is totally a Phil thing... he loves stuff like this. He was practically begging me last night to get up so early with him (I am the farthest thing from a morning person...) and I have to say, it was totally worth it. God is truly amazing! I have a ton of other things to post about, but not a lot of time... hopefully soon! My birthday is in three days! :)

Happy Tuesday!!


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The Bryants said...

Happy "early" Birthday Emily!!