Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Finally! Pictures! :) They are from my phone... so they aren't the best quality... but you get the idea! EnJoY!My latest creation... Wilson from the "Home Improvement Show". This was done for a lady in our church who works in an office. The boss' son worked over the summer, and whenever something would start happening or a deep conversation, this guy would come and watch over the cubicle like Wilson does. So... therefore... a goodbye cake for Wilson. (credit to my husband for making the nose :))
This was my very first try at using fondant. I didn't think I did too bad! And man, where my hands sore from kneading! Fun and different tho!
We had our church picnic last weekend, and Mrs. F wore these sunglasses. I told her I had to take a picture because I had never seen sunglasses that were that ugly! She just laughed. (resembles the Phantom doens't it?)
Here's us girls, bein us :) I love you guys!
And the best picture for last... this is Kaiden! Isn't he getting so big!?!?! He is very much more talkative now... and loves to laugh! I was tickling his chest with his foot... he loved it!
More to come later... Oh, and just in case you don't know..................
My birthday is in four days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm saving all my money for my Cuisinart mixer!!!
I'm just dying to stop using my hand mixer when I make cakes! :)
Thanks for stoppin by!


Valerie said...

Happy birthday! :D

Mary said...

Cake looks delish! I've seen on Food Network that fondant is kind of hard to work with, but you did an excellent job! :)