Tuesday, August 05, 2008

August Ramblings...

Okay, so can you all believe that it is August already?!?!? I can't! However, this is the greatest month in the whole entire year. It's my Birthday Month!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup Yup, in 26 days, I'll be celebrating my birthday! I absolutely LOVE. No, seriously, I LOVE my birthday. So, for everyone that is around me... start expecting reminders!!!

This month we have alot going on! This past week I made a Noah's Ark cake, (pictures to come) which turned out really cute, and my sister loved it, which made it even better! We have a tract attack this Thursday, then Phil and I are goin fishing/camping this weekend! (hopefully if the weather cooperates) Opey is gone this Sunday, him and Renee are in TN on vacation. So I'll be teaching his class. So this Sunday will be busy... but when are Sunday's not busy?!?!?

My dad had a very long day yesterday... Oh, I know what I'm going to do... I'll copy the email that my mom sent to everyone... Here it is:

Just to let some know - Preacher (Steve) had a cardioversion done today - suppose to be done at 7:00 am, but delayed due to wrong info given to the cardiologist and him not getting to the hospital till 8:20 am - by that time, the anesthesiologist had been called to an emergency, so the procedure wasn't done till 12:00 noon - They tried twice to shock his heart back into a normal rhythm - but didn't work either time. When he started to come out of the anesthesia, he couldn't lift his legs, arms, had terrible chest pain when he tried to talk, and sever pain in his back between his shoulders. Cardiologist called a stroke specialist right away and he was right there! He checked everything - then ordered a cat scan to see if there was any bleeding on the brain - I noticed when he returned from his cat scan, he was looking some better - Every test turned out okay - All they can say is he must have had some reaction to the anesthesia - cause as time went by, little by little he could lift his legs, then his fore arms, then his finger to his nose. At first, if he lifted his arm off the bed at all, he could only hold it there for 2-3 seconds, then drop to the bed. He finally was allowed to drink some water, then he ate a banana, muffin, then peanut butter and crackers! He was feeling and looking much better - All was concerned the procedure had thrown a blood clot. He is home and resting - They have added another medication for him to take which they say will put his heart into a reg rhythm, then he will go back in four weeks to try the shock treatment again to retain this reg rhythm, This is all what was told us when we left the hospital about 4:30 pm The cardiologist is putting Steve in contact with a doctor who specializes with the electrical part of the heart, which is where his trouble is - Atrial Fibrilation - As far as we know, from previous testing, his plumbing is fine. He has another EKG on Thursday, and sees the cardio doc. Will try to keep you updated - Thank You for your prayers - We were hoping and praying it would work the first time, but the Lord knows. We love you all! Mrs. Kathy
Ps 28:7

So needless to say, yesterday was a long day... but God took care of everything. Speaking of my dad... right before he went for his procedure, he had Mom and Nom and I come to his side... and he said he's taking us out on a date this month!!! He even looked at me and said he'd gotten permission from my husband! lol That's my dad! I'm excited about this!! I'm sure we'll have a blast, we don't have a specific date yet, but it will be in August. And he wouldn't even give us a clue as to what we were doing!!! (I'll let ya know as soon as it happens!!!)

On the 22nd of this month, I'm having a Pampered Chef partay!!!! All of the female gender are welcome!! Send me an email if you have any questions... It's at 7:00 p.m.! If you need anything from Pampered Chef, I can do outside orders too, and I believe they ship to you!

Then of course, we'll end the month with the greatest day of all... My birthday! :)

Oh, I wanted to post on here... I've started a new blog.
Lord, I believe (link)

Okay, I think that's all... :) Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! I'll post pictures soon.

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Anonymous said...

People, she's serious when she says she will remind you that it's her Birthday Month!

Love ya girl!