Monday, July 07, 2008


I know it's been a while... I don't have any pictures... they are all on the camera still.

Here's what's been goin on though!

We went on a mini vacation!!! Yeah! Phil and I celebrated our 4th anniversary with our 1st vacation! Meaning, we weren't going anywhere in particular, and we were by ourselves! It was great, and a much needed rest.

We spent Thursday by going to Cantiny (Wheaton, IL) then went to find a hotel room in Schaumburg, IL. This is where we wanted to spend the bulk of our time. Oh, and we had to stop for supper at PF Changs. I was dying for it! We had these in TN, and it was one of our favorite places. Brought back old memories... with Bill & Meg, and Nat stickin the chopsticks in her nose... oh those were the days! So from there... we went hotel shopping. Because Phil doesn't like to make reservations. We found this SUPER nice hotel... when they said the price, Phil looked at me, and I said.... NOPE! and we walked out... Well, guess who ended up back there an hour later?!?!?! Us. Come to find out, hotels in the suburbs are super high Monday - Thursday, and are cheap on the weekend! Seriously! They have so many corporate people that stay during the week, that they jack their prices up!!! We ended LOVING our room, and staying an extra night! It was very retro, and new... we had a kitchenette fully stocked, a pullout couch with a huge ottoman, and a large flat screen tv!!! It was seriously awesome.

Friday we slept in, then went to IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which was even better than I expected. Like, OMG, I could have spent all day there. We found our bathroom vanity for 123.00!!! (we had to buy the sinks and faucets) God is so good! That is such a good price! And it's very... us. Okay, so then we went to the famous "Woodfield Mall" which... was... to put it nicely... a crappy mall. They have ONE plus size store! I told my mom, that it would be a nice mall if like I was going Christmas shopping or something... but anyways... after that we went to the hotel and got cleaned up and made our way to Mideval Times. Pretty cool. Food was horrible, but the show and Phil enjoying it made it worth it.

Saturday we slept in a long time, and went and did some shopping around the town... we found a very cool aquarium store and that just made Phil's day. We ended with a movie and PF Changs to go!

Sunday afternoon we went to Shedd Aquarium, then to the Hershey store in downtown... then we headed home. Sunday afternoon ended up being horrible, because Soldier Field parking decks are stupid. We ended up paying 30.00 for parking, and ended with rude people. Then, we get to the Hershey parking deck, and it's 17.00 to park!! Boy are we glad we don't live in Chicago!!! (Hopefully, I'll post pics soon)

We had a garage sale this past weekend and made 200.00!!! yay! Phil is even happier that he has a garage now!

We started a new thing at church that will last eight weeks... It's for the Sunday School hour... Each kid will go to a different class each week, and they have a passport to get stamped in each class! The classrooms are decorated superbly! I'll post pics about that too, it's the coolest thing though, and the kids love it! I'm so proud of my hubby... he has worked so hard to organize it!

Um, we are getting close to the date that we start counting down my birthday.... Just so you know... it's August 31st, and I'll be 25! But, I'm like a kid when it comes to my birthday!!! :)

oh, I found out yesterday that Mike and Kris are coming in two weeks!!! yay! Can't wait to see them!

The best thing: I got to talk to Trey last night... he said "Aunt Emmy, I'm so excited, I asked Jesus to come into my heart" Isn't that awesome! I said "oh Trey! That's so neat! Now you get to go to Heaven!" He said " Yeah, and now when I say something bad...." and his voice trailed off... so I lost something there... lol Congrats to my nephew Trey... on making the greatest decision ever. Here is a pic of him in his honor... I love you Trey!!!

Trey with Uncle Phil and Daddy!

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