Wednesday, June 04, 2008


okay, I don't have long... but I had to show you our new addition! (of the furry sort) :)

Introducing... Piglet!

Isn't she just precious?!?!?! She's 6 weeks old! We've had her for about a week and a half, and she is doing just great! She loves her bed (last picture) and uses her potty like a good kitty! :) Although, she's having to fight for her food, cause Ginger for some reason, likes it! By the way, if you are wondering... Ginger and Piglet get along great! They play all the time. Seriously, all the time. Then when they are done once in a while, they come and snuggle with us. Anway... just thought I'd share!

Oh, and pray for our friends Bill & Meg Howell and their daughter Shelbie. They are moving back to TN, and are stopping at our house on thier way back!! Can we say excited?!?!?! Please pray for thier safety, and for thier sanity. Meg said Shelbie isn't that big on riding in a car... can you imagine what they are going through? I'm sure she'll be a perfect angel! Also pray that their time with us will go slowly... we miss them so much and want to enjoy every moment we can! :)

G'day and Happy hump day.


Tessa said...

Awww! She is so cute!

Mary said...

How sweet!! She's about the same size as my kitty was when we got her and now she's nearly 8! Enjoy! And btw, our cat and dog are best friends, too! :)

The Bryants said...

Piglet is so cute! I hope you had a nice visit with Bill and Meghan! The joined the church Sunday night. We're glad to have them back!

Miss you!

Christa said...

she is cute. I miss you tons. Some time you need to come out here to visit me =)