Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Misc Stuff

This is what's been goin on... On Saturday, we celebrated my grandpa's 85th Birthday! He is big into gardening with my mom... so I made it a garden, and made "dirt" from crushed cookies, then put a sign for all they planted. It was even in order of how they planted them. Gramps thought that was so cool!
(Please forgive my messy table and my shoes on the floor... Noone is allowed in my house when/after I make a cake... it's soooo messy! LOL)

Last night, Phil went and helped my brother Matt do some things in his yard, so I stayed home and cleaned like mad! (We've been fishing the past two weekends and my house has suffered big time!) These two pictures are of Ginger... waiting for her daddy to come home! Every noise she heard, she'd run to the door and look out, then she'd go back to her post in the picture below...

Me and Kaiden! He's gettin so big!!!
Noelle, and young lady in our church... her and her mom are moving to Virginia... so we had a fellowship Sunday night in her honor... I made her this cake... it says -


Sending our

Love & Prayers

You can't really see it, but I put tons of flowers varying in type and size all over it. It was yellow, purple and pink... very girlie!

We've caught a total of about 35 catfish over the past two weekends... we now have 3 1/2 gallons of fillets! We're saving up for a big fish fry!! :)

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Tessa said...

I have been in your house after you made a cake :P