Thursday, May 08, 2008

(: (: (: Food :) :) :)

This was going to be a post about our trip to TN, but I thought that might be too long, so here is the food category from our TN trip :)
Proceed with CAUTION: Pictures might cause hunger pains!!!!
Then there was food, and Emily saw that it was good...

Wasabi Sushi... the best there is. I love sushi! (Thanks to Hayley and all the people at LeBlanc who got me addicted!) (not pictured: Yummi Yummi... the best. period.)
OMG, I crave this just seein the picture. This is a chocolate burrito. It's from a Mexican restaurant. I took the picture too soon, the next bite? Chocolate came pouring out... they take and wrap a chocolate bar with tortilla then fry it!!
Biggest piece of pizza I've ever had. And it was darn good.

Phil just had to have a picture of me stuffing my face with it.

Anybody that knows me, knows that I love candy. Especially chocolate. I'm not big on this kind of candy, but I thought it was a cool picture. There are all kinds of these stores in Gatlinburg... Candy just calling out "eat me! eat me!"

Hope you enjoy... cause I surely did!


Mary said...

That burrito looks good!!!!! I wish our favorite Mexican restaurant would make those! I might have to suggest it! :)

Anonymous said...

We need to share that piece of pizza. K.thanx. :p

Tom & Kandice Keegan said...

Yummy! Food is the best!

The Bryants said...


I could really go for a piece of that pizza!

I'm glad all is well! I'm sorry I missed you when you came to TN.