Tuesday, October 02, 2007

She yet liveth...

Hello all! whew! Has life been crazy!!!! Work has had the most part to do with it... Our big dinner fundraiser was on Friday night, and it went great. I had a huge part in the organization of it. My stress level on Friday night at 11:30 (when I left) went from a 20 to a 2!!! That in and of itself will make you tired! :)

I got home, and went to bed, where Phil told me that his boss called him to do the Iowa route on Saturday. This route leaves at 2 a.m. So usually when Phil runs this route he goes to bed at about 7... well, he went to bed at 11:00, when his boss called him. lol So I, being the wonderful wife that I am... got about 1.5 hours of sleep, then jumped in the huge truck with my hubby... We had a great time together, which is what is important. It's about a 4.5 hour drive up there, but the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a Chik-fil-a!!! (which we don't have around us...) We got back about 6 p.m. on Saturday. We were exhausted! LOL Phil being the most wonderful husband that he is... took me away for the night. We only went like 30 minutes away, but we stayed in a hotel and ate out. It was wonderful to get some much needed rest.

This week is full of me getting back in the routine of things at work... getting caught up on everything that I got behind on while doing things for the event. Tonight we are making supper for Phil's brother, who's wife just had a hysterectomy. Phil is working like crazy on the bathroom that we are remodeling... wait till you see pics!!! It's gonna be awesome!

Anyways, I have lots of pictures to post, of the event, my hair, our Iowa trip...etc. But you'll have to have a little patience with me... ;)

I hope everyone has great days this week!

Happy Birthday to my sister in law Renee today!

Still alive, and doin her thang... Em


The Howell Family said...

I'm glad you're still alive!! :)

Mrs. Kristy Rowell said...

[chanting] pictures!pictures!pictures!
I'm glad that you got a chance to get some much needed rest.