Monday, September 18, 2006

Phil's 23rd Birthday!

Today is Phil's 23rd Birthday! Yesterday for lunch, I took him to a Mexican place with some friends, and I asked the guy if they did anything for birthday's cause it was Phils. He said very seriously, "no mam". Phil was very happy needless to say... Well, about 5 minutes went by, and they brought out a dessert with about 6-7 guys and sang Happy Birthday in Spanish (or at least I think that's what they sang). Phil blushed like crazy, and couldn't stop smiling. It was great.

So without further ado... Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! I hope you have a wonderful day! Your the best, and I love you very muchly!

- Your Bride -


Tessa said...

That kinda reminds me of my 16th birthday! We went to a mexican restraunt and they sung happy birthday to me...They sang it in english though, and instead of saying my name they said senorita or something like that...I didnt have to wear the hat either.....

christen nicole said...

haha great pic. i miss you two sooo much.

KRISTY said...

What's that I hear???.....
A calling to the Mexican?
Well - he looks like he would fit in
really well. haha
Happy realllllllly Belated Birthday.
Yes I know I'm lame. But better late
than never!! You did good Em.