Thursday, September 07, 2006

~Cute Kids~

Last night, I was in the nursery at Temple Baptist Church... I was supposed to be in the newborns... but a worker didn't show up, so I got put in the younger two's. They were so cute... I just had to take some pictures, and they just loved having their picture taken! :) Here we have Tori. She wouldn't smile, so I scrunched up my face in a huge smile, and this is what I got in return. lol I made the mistake of telling the kids to "chill" and Tori walked around the rest of the night going... "chill, chill, chill" It was quite humorous.
This is Sarah Grace. She had this face all evening. Once in a while, huge tears would well up in her eyes, and just spill over... she's very cute though. She was a little mama to lots of little doll babies. She would say things like "where's my baby" "baby lost" "button baby up!" LOL
This is Seth. He's huge. Like seriously... I grunted when picked him up. He wanted to be in every picture I took. He would get so excited that he could see himself in the front of my phone.
And this is alot of the kids over with Amy enjoying her blowing bubles in their faces... It was a good night. Just wanted to share...