Monday, September 11, 2006

My Weekend!

Besides being ill to my stomach all weekend, we were able to get me out of the house to walk around the fair! You see, Phil knows that above all else... this reminds me of being with my family the most.
I have some awesome memories as a kid, going to the Tractor Pulls and I wanted to share them with you. I thought it was cool when Mike and Matt got jobs... they would buy us drinks :) My favorite used to be the Lemonade drink. I couldn't stay very long, we weren't there even an hour, and I was ready to go home. You see, sometimes I get so homesick for my family, I have to get my mind off of it because the devil knows that this is a good way to get to me... But in other ways, I just wanted to sit there and cry, because I could picture my family around me and could hear Dad reminding Nom and I to keep our ears plugged, and our mouth open just a little bit... This too was a good time to wear my cap... Opey would always "shape" the bill for me and I can remember being so proud that I had a cap just like my brothers. I know, I was a dork. :)
Here's a few that I thought were really cool... Good 'ole camera phone :)
Here is my hubby and I. I look horrible, I look like I've been sick! But it was such a good thing to get to spend time with my hubby. He tries so hard to make me happy. God has truly blessed me with him.
This was a huge freakin' pile of sand!!!!!! They had different things carved into it... this is part of it! It was really neat!
Anyone know who this is? Bettcha can't guess! This is Uncle Kracker. I am by no means promoting him, or his music... I think I know maybe 2? He's known for the song, "Follow me" we heard him singing, so I went to try to get a picture. He's the big white blob in the front :) I thought it was neat to be this close! Oh, and by the way... he doens't look anything like his pictures.
So that was my weekend. We got free tickets, so we are going back this weekend. We heard one rumour of elephant ears (my favorite, not served in the south) and the petting zoo :) I'll have more pictures then! :)

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