Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It's been a while since I just wrote things on here, and didn't share a million pictures.... :) so I just wanted to update on some things that are happening right now in the lives of Phil and Em.

~On June 26th, we will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Doesn't seem possible sometimes, and sometimes it feels like it's been 10 years! ;) All in All, it has been wonderful, and the best two years of my life. Funny, when I had one of my showers, my siblings all wrote notes to me. Mike, my eldest brother, wrote not to expect Phil to know what I'm thinking. I have thought of that almost everyday. Becuase it is so true. No matter how much Phil knows me, or thinks he knows me... he can't read my mind. I've learned that communication is a huge part of being married. Which was/is a big lesson for me to learn. I wasn't used to talking, or someone wanting my opinion on things. Phil has been awesome with this. He truly is my soulmate. God overly blessed me when He gave Phil to me. I remember as a kid, praying for my future mate. I would pray and ask God to keep him safe that day, or to just give him a wonderful day, and to let him know that I was praying for him. I can see now, how that has helped me now... I pray for him constantly. He is always on my mind. I love you hottie!

~This past Sunday, was my sister Naomi's 25th Birthday! I wanted so bad to be there to celebrate with her. Hopefully I will make it up by spending some time together in July... :0) Happy Birthday Chick! Love ya!

~About two weeks ago, my brother Opey, opened Yeager Machinery Store... I prolly don't have that right, but it's the gist. Congrats, Op. I'm so proud of you and Nae.

~About a week ago, my mom came to visit me!!!! She was here about five days. I was so encouraged by her being here... she'll never know what it meant for her to be here during that time. God really just knows when you need some "help" and Mama came to my rescue. Thanks Marmy, for everything you do. I miss you, and love you very much!

~This past Sunday was also Fathers Day!!! I called all of the men in my life that are fathers... I'm so proud of my brothers for the Dad's they have become. I can't wait till God gives Phil the opportunity also. God has truly blessed me with an awesome Papa, and Father-in-law. Also to all the Future Fathers... God has a special plan and I know that you will be great dad's.

~WE GET TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so freakin excited! We are leaving the evening of June 30th, and staying almost two days with my brother, Mike... Then heading to Illinois until the 9th of July! God so worked this out... I only had to use 3 vacation days to get the week off, so all we have to do is work around Phil being off, as I will get paid as usual. What is even cooler, is that my Aunt Deanne is coming from California for a visit!!! Tia, and Kyle and Aden are coming too! I was extremely excited when I found this out. I haven't seen Tia and Kyle since '01. And it will be really nice to get to see some family for more than a few hours. God has truly answered a prayer...

~Work is going good. It's difficult some days, and some days it's a blast. I'm thankful for the benefits too, again... another answer to prayer. I also get vacation days and such, so I'm really happy.

~Phil is off of school for the summer, but he will start full blast again in August. I'm in shock though, this time next year, we will be moving back to Illinois. Sometimes it's hard to think about it. Because this is where Phil and I have grown together so much. This is where we started our family. We have so many great memories here... But, it will be fun to make new ones wherever God puts us. We will always look back on these days in Tennessee as days that we remember God being with us. There have been so many times that God showed himself to us so strongly. We will never forget. Thank you, Lord for your blessings on me. I love you because you first loved me.

~I have a huge unspoken request... that has been heavily on my heart. God knows, and He knows my heart and the desires of my heart. But please pray for Phil and I as we wait on God. That isn't always the easiest thing to do, our flesh gets in the way (particularly mine) and wants it different. But as it says in Psalms, Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.


Mary McCoy A.K.A. Charlie said...

Hey Emily!! I cannot believe that you have been married for 2 years. Where does the time go?? Congratulations to you and Phil. Have a GREAT anniversary, and enjoy one anothers company. I will be praying for your unspoken. It's true that the things that we want and the time we want them, are not always the Lord's timing. Chris and I are learning that right now also. I wish that we could see each other when you come home, but enjoy your time with your family, it's always nice to visit. Talk to you soon lady. Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Glad I could make you're day:)