Friday, June 09, 2006

Expecting Possums... Got a cat.

So, Phil is in a habit of checking the live trap that stays on our deck every morning, in hopes of finding the Possums that have been populating the land that we live on. Phil check it this morning, and just started laughing. He said, guess what we got.... when he said a cat, I was very surprised. LOL we had a good laugh over it though... So of course, I had to have him take pictures so that I could tell all my blog peeps about it. He was really mean though... hissin and pouncing at Phil... I stayed in the house. Not that I'm a wimp, I had to get ready for work of course! :)


KRISTY said...

I just wish we could catch our
raccoon at church! Caught one
of her babies, but she's too
Hope you catch the possum!
That is pretty funny!

KRISTY said...

Thought I would let you know my blog is back up and running.