Monday, July 24, 2006

So, don't kill me since it's been forever...

So, I go home to the Rowell Family Reunion and I'm all like, "check my blog! I change it all the time, and I'll have pictures too!" And it's been one heck of a time since I've gotten home! Here are just some of the "bigger" things that have happened since I last blogged - (sidebar: my camera is packed, so no pictures. ((explained later))

~ "Ginger" has joined our family. She is a three month old Lhasa Apsos. She's so adorable... and I can't tell you how neat it is to know that someone is waiting for me to get home. Usually, Phil is already gone to work, and I come home to an empty house. But now, I have someone that needs me to take care of them. It's awesome.

~ We got to spend a great deal of time with our imediate family. Lord have mercy was it awesome. We got to go fishing with Phil's dad, and experience the "jumping fish". Yes, they literally jump in your boat. I can't count on both hands how many times I almost peed my pants. It was one of the scariest things ever! Phil and Dad had a good laugh over it though.... It was just really neat to be able to stay a while, and see family and church family. Oh, and speaking of church family... I got to play the piano for 2 services when we went home! Speaking of awesome... This was like I was in a dream. See, I LOVE to play the piano, but I also love the piano at Bethel. It was seriously so neat. Thanks Daddy.

~We are moving!!! Which is the biggest reason I have been so scarce on here... It's been crazy at my house! Everything is in boxes, and we are set to move on the 8th of August. We found a 3 bedroom house that is only a little more on rent. It will be so neat! And I'll have a full extra bedroom for guests (hint, hint) for anyone who wants to come! Oh, and I also have a dining room! Where we are now, if we have two people over, it's tight... but now we can have game night at my house! :) So please, pray for us that everything will go smoothly.

~Work has been crazy! We were gone while all of my monthly and quarterly reports were due... it was horrible to come back to! I also had a few meetings that I had to get things ready for... it was just absolultely insane. It was so insane for the staff that they bought us lunch on the company because of it. LOL

So those were the major things... hopefully after we move and get things settled I'll have pictures to put on here also. I hope everyone is doing well... Love ya!


KRISTY said...

Yay she blogged!
I am so glad that you guys had a chance to stay a couple of days before the reunion. I feel for you and packing. UGH! I'm stilling unpacking and its been 5 months. UGH!

Mary McCoy A.K.A. Charlie said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the house. That is so neat that you will be able to have a bigger house, it is nice to have extra room, that's for sure. I will pray that the move goes smoothly, and by the way... it's about time you blogged!! :) Love ya!!

Blair said...

Hi Mrs. Emily!!