Thursday, July 21, 2005

Will someone dig a hole?????

and put me in it!!!!!!!!! Ok, just a little airing out here... I was in the newborn nursery last night, was there two minutes and Silas puked all over me... That is just the beginning of my night. We get home, and Phil loves to aggrivate me... to get me mad just cause he thinks it's cute. So he starts doing things he knows makes me tick... So then, guess what? Emily's in a bad mood... so he makes up and we start to enojoy the evening again, THEN!!!!!!! I had to make a Texas Sheet Cake for the Pastor's School at Temple. So I begin doing my wife thing in the kitchen baking, everything is going well, until I start to make the frosting. I had to make it three times before I finally got it right. By this time, I was so frustrated it wasn't funny. So I ask God to make me forget this evening and everything will be fine in the morning. Right?

NOT!!!!!!!!! Thursday morning everything I touched either broke or didn't work. Seriously... It's crazy! I made a customer about have a heart attack because I can't read numbers. I was late to work for the second time this week. On Tuesday the rest of my furniture came while Phil was still in bed, then this morning... I am seriously going to go hybernate soon...

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