Friday, May 27, 2005


So, yeah.... the past couple days have been absolutely crazy! My living room floor is covered in clothes, suitcases, and tons of odd and end stuff. Only an hour and a half left and I will be off of work for three weeks! Kind of a scary thought, but oh well.

I am so excited about this trip, God has worked so much in Phil and I's lives this will be a huge part to add to our stockpile of God's blessings. I'm taking my songbooks so that maybe I can play the piano some over there... I never get to play anymore which makes me sad. I'm praying that someday we will be able to get a full size keyboard so I can take it places with me. I'm also taking two of our family cd's. Then we can say we have cd's in London too!

Ah! I'm doing hair for a wedding tomorrow too! I will be there from 11 in the morning to 6 in the evening! Doesn't help much for my packing schedule but, they are paying me, and I love to do hair so it will be fun anyway. I did the Bride's hair two weeks ago, and she loved it. It turned out awesome! I was so happy! :)

Don't really know why I felt like rambling a whole bunch of stuff... I'm hoping to get to blog while we are in England. It would be cool to type a daily journal in here to remember little details too.

Well, I will post in here later... please pray for us, and pray I won't get sick on the flight.

Love and Prayers from me, Emily "The Redhead"

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Curtis Donnohue said...

It is officially June 6, 2005- a week since you left and nothing. You're a really stinky blogger.