Friday, May 06, 2005

Hey, Hey, Hey!!!!!!

So, yeah... I'm here. I am the official Mrs. Emily Christine Rae Rowell Hulett. Noone has a name like me :) Life for me is hectic right now. I work from 8-5 at Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. I am a CSR... basically I do all the dirty work with the customers and keep them happy with thier agents. My husband, Phil, works for McAlisters Deli. If you haven't eaten there, you have to. It's so good. They have 2 pound baked potatoes, with tons of stuff on them. Anyways, he works from 5-11:30 every week night except Wednesday. Needless to say, weekends are a treasure in our home. Well, work calls... I'll blog more important things later.

OH! I can't believe I almost forgot!!!!! I'm going to England in 24 days!! (with my husband of course...) I'll also tell you more about that when I get more serious. This is also a way for me to keep my big bro updated on his lil sis. :0) Love ya dude.

Okay, so ttyl.... The Redhead (At Temple Baptist Church, I'm known as "The Redhead" Even by Mrs. Sexton, the pastors wife.)

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