Thursday, May 19, 2005

Our trip!

So, I choose this post to talk about our trip to London, England. We are leaving on May 30th from Atlanta, Georgia. We will get to Heathrow airport at 7:30 on the morning of the 31st. Bro Pavvit is suppose to have someone there to pick us up and take us to his home in Corbey. We will spend two weeks with him and another missionary starting a church in a near-by town. They have a goal this summer to start two churches, and to be preaching on street corners in London, every saturday. We are so very excited about this but most of all to get an idea of how it will be when we get there to do the same things for our ministry. I am so excited to see the culture and just how they do things there. I know God will also give me a stronger burden for these people because that is what I am praying mostly for.

When we finish our two weeks with the missionaries, we are staying two days in London by ourselves. Phil has been there before and knows how to go places and the really neat things to see. I can't wait to see Big Ben, Zebra Lane and things like that. There are a ton of places we want to go but I can't think of any of the names!!!! aurgh! Then we will fly back into Atlanta and go straight home until the 21st of June.

How exciting is this?????? lol If you could see me now, I've got goosebumps from talking about it! God is so good, and has done so much for us... All the praise and honor goes to him for what He has done, and what He's going to do in and through us while on this trip.

Any questions, suggestions of things to see, or things to be aware of? Let me kn0w! ~ The Redhead.

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Rachel said...

Hey, Emily. Welcome to Blogdom. I'm so envious that you are going to England. I've always wanted to go there.

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