Thursday, March 22, 2007

-In memory of truly great pianist-

So last year, on February 22nd to be exact... A personal hero of mine passed away. Don't get me wrong, he's in a much better place... But I'll never forget the awe that I had when I watched him play the piano. His name was Anthony Burger. The picture below was actually taken on the cruise that he passed away on. I had seen him a few times in concert, but now... I wish I'd gone every chance I had, just to watch him play. He played with such emotion!
Oi, do I wish I could play like him!

Last Saturday another awesome pianist passed away after years of fighting cancer. His name was Roger Bennett. Roger sang/played for the Cathedral Quartet for many years. I remember as a kid going and seeing them in concert multiple times... I even remember when they announced that he had cancer and his many years fighting the disease. A few years ago, after the Cathedrals retired, and Legacy Five was started by Roger and Scott Fowler. We saw them in concert many times too. You can go to to read more about Rogers home going. He had a journal that he kept online for people to read, when he got really bad, his wife was doing entries to inform everyone. It will be weird going to a Legacy Five concert and him not be there playing... Both will be missed!
Southern Gospel has lost two of the most talented musicians ever.

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KRISTY said...

Mike told me that you blogged about Anthony and Roger. I went to Rogers site and watched is Memorial Service. I couldn't stop crying. Thanks for blogging about them, I would have not know if you didn't blog.