Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting ready for.... Christmas!!!

So, the first two things that Phil and I do to "get in the spirit" of Christmas... is decorate our tree, the day after Thanksgiving and make our Gingerbread house! We've done this every year since we've been married, and I love it! My favorite part about the house is the chimney and the tree! Both of which were made by me :)

I've hardly begun Christmas shopping yet!!! I have so much to do... and so little time! So... this year, I've resorted to some online shopping :) Some places have the best deals online! Christmas is only 15 days away! I can hardly believe it!

The baby is doing wonderfully... or I'm supposing it is :) I made it past the 12 week mark, which was huge for me. The miscarriage rate goes down by 90%! So now that I'm past that, we are waiting now to be able to feel it flutter in my tummy! The only thing I feel now, is my insides swelling :) sounds lovely does it not? lol

For about the past 4 weeks, I have been incredibly sick... vomiting multiple times a day... you never knew when I was going to get sick. Sometimes, morning, sometimes night. It got old... really fast. I found out there was a pill I could take to help with the vomiting/nausea and really didn't want to take it... I thought the least amount of medicine I'm taking, the better for the baby right? Well, Sunday A.M., I had to go out the back door to get sick three times. All I could do was cry... it was getting seriously old! Well, Monday a.m. came around, and... what do ya know... it happened again. Three times. Two at home, one at work. Finally I gave in and called the doc... She said "oh no hun, people take this all the time" I'm like... so I could have had this four weeks ago? She's like "yeah!" I started crying, people. I was so relieved that I could get some help! Praise the Lord it is working!!! It is now Wednesday, and I haven't been sick once! I've actually started to feel better and feel like doing more. Now I just have to get my house and everything else back in order from being so sick!!! :)

Phil is doing good. He's been such a great help, putting up with me and my being ill. I'm not sure if anyone else is like this but, I whine when I don't feel good. lol He's been such a great listener! I can't wait to see him hold this baby for the first time! You know, I watch those "A baby story" things on TLC, and bawl through the whole thing! I can't wait for it to be my turn!!! I have a doctor appointment this Friday for a check up :) Hopefully I'll get to hear the heartbeat again! It's the most amazing sound ever!

Enjoy this holiday season... and never forget the true meaning of CHRISTmas!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, girl. I'm a whiner when I'm sick tooo! :P
I'm glad the baby is well & you're feeling better. :)
Love you!

Miss A said...

I envy you!

Glad you found something to help with that sickness. If you need any help with anything, let me know. I'll be off until Jan. 20th. ( = I'm going to invite you and Naomi over sometime during the holidays....

Valerie said...

Bless your heart!♥ I'm glad you got some medicine to help you feel better. I was sick for 18 weeks with my first. You're right! It gets so very old! Take care!