Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Guess who's still here?

Hi all!

I hope everyone is just having a wonderful day, and enjoying the fall weather!

Things have been incredibly busy and I even had three days off of work! The Lord has been so good, and has given us so much to be grateful for.

We were able to go to the Loving and Leading Conference in Milford, OH this past weekend. We left at 5 a.m. on Thursday Morning, and spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday Morning there. You hit the floor running! But I can't even begin to tell you what it did for my heart. We learnt so much, and got so many new idea's, that we just couldn't wait to get home!!! More importantly, God gave me a renewed vision of my heart for Children and also strengthened my walk for Him. Each hour, you had a different session that you could go to, then we would meet back up for a general session a few times a day. One of the sessions I chose to go to, was the Bearing Precious Seed Tour... here are a few pictures... talk about a mind opener... Wow!

This is what you saw when you first walked in. See the white cone lookin thing? That's paper that's about 2 ft wide, and it's been printed on both sides, and this machine folds it. It was unbelievable! This is what was coming out of that machine...
I should have written the numbers down of how many/much/etc... but these are rolls of paper. This is the most expensive part of making the Bibles...
These are the ones that are half done, they just have to be trimmed, then binded. Most of these are John and Romans.

Then... on Saturday afternoon, we met back at my brother's house in Indy, and we adopted 4 kids for the weekend! It was a blast, but so tiring! They are getting so big, and I love them to death! I have a few more pictures, but these are the ones that are off of my phone...
Doesn't her face just say enough??? This is Audrey... and her eyes speak for her... ;) Trey was excited that Phil was there... someone to play Crash with him for hours on end!!!! Doesn't Phil look confused? lol They had a great time together...
Yup, this is Ginger. Boy was she glad we were home! She slept for forever! A huge thank you to Betty and Jason for watching her for us... they were a lifesaver! They have a dog named Libby... and Ginger got played out!!! :) Phil was just as glad as Ginger was to be home, and be able to have his buddy back!

There's a little update! I'll have more pics whenver I can get them off of my camera... I have pictures of me with pink hair!!! ahhh!!! :)

Happy Wednesday!!!



The Howell Family said...

Isn't the Bearing Precious Seed Tour really awesome! We went when we played in a basketball tournament in high school! Glad you are still here!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Audrey! :)

Annnd, I'm updating next week sometime. There is a reason I've waited so long. :-P Lol.

I want alot to talk about. Haha.
Soo, I'm pretty sure that I <3 ya babe. ;)

Christa said...

well, i am glad all is going good for you. My mom posted a pic of my ring on my blog so you can check it out. i love you and i miss you tons. =) Christa