Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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Mike & Kristy Rowell & Family This is my brother Mike, and his wife Kristy.
Mike is now the proud pastor at Oaklandon Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is my brother's dream. Phil and I are so proud and happy for them!
This is my new baby niece! Her name is Audrey Joan. This is my first time to see her, so I have a million and one pictures of her. If you want to see more, just email me.
This is the onery one... Derek. Isn't his smile even onery? lol He's adorable!

This is Trey and Gracie... Emmy got them some toys, and we went outside to play with them! I loved spending time with them. I hardly get to see them anymore so this was a very precious time for me.


KRISTY said...

I love the pictures except my own of course. I loved having you guys here and talking into the night!!!
Write more later!
Oh by the way. When I click on my name it doesn't take me to my blogspot. Thought I'd tell you. Is it okay to have you in my links?

| redhedrev | said...

Hey! That's me!

Hey! That's me in the comments too!

I should get out more.

Thanks for stopping by! It was a lot of fun.

Karen said...

Em!! Thanks for showing the pics!! My sissy's family are beautiful, aren't they? Including my little sis, Kris! :)

I went through your blog and saw that you had Bro. Ian Paisley at your church! WOW... what a man of God! I have his devotional book "A Proverbs a Day keeps the Devil away!" And "My Plea for the Old Sword"... what a wonderful man of God! Very enjoyable read, Emily.. thank you for posting it!

Good to see you and "hubby's" pics, too!! And to think of it... after 2 years you're still dating! Wooo Hooo!

Love ya!

Christianladie16 said...

He aunt kristy i just wanted to say i got my blog back on.