Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Parents are Flying!!!!

My phone is on picture overload! :) This is the first picture I recieved this morning... Probably of thier flight from Peoria to Chicago... I'm thinking my Mama is lookin pretty dang good! She was really worried about flying...

This is Bro. Rick, he went on the trip with Mom and Dad too. He's just like a big brother... he's with our family alot. And we like it that way... he ALWAYS is with us on 4th of July... He's cool. Oh yeah, and he went to school with my dad... so he remembers him from the "old days" :)I'm thinking this is on thier flight to New York, Mom had a caption that she chose the window seat! Huge step for her, because she is afraid of heights... just like her father. So, I got this picture last evening... Daddy called me and they were sitting in the airport in New York waiting to board thier flight to Israel. Mama seemed much better now that they were with the "group" that they were traveling with. Here they are sportin their tickets!There might be more to come! Just thought this was cool... Thanks for all of you who are praying for thier safe flights. I will post here when I know for sure that they are there.

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Tessa said...

Hey! Its Tess!
How have you been?
Im doing good...I guess..
I saw you posted a comment on Mr Mikes Blog so I thought I would drop by and say Hi!