Friday, February 10, 2006


Yeah! We got snow!!!! Wasn't much compared to what I'm used to from living in Indiana/Illinois all my life... but hey, it's white! :)
Here are some pics taken from my phone for your enjoyment...
And God bless us one and all... Emily

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Curtis Donnohue said...

An hour ago I was roused from my sleep by feelings of dread- the usual hustle and bustle laying on my back, reminding me of all that needs to be accomplished. "It may be your day off," it whispered in my ear malevolently, "but that's no reason to sleep the day away."

I rose up from my bed grumbling, whispering apologies to the figure who shared my bed- their own sleep disturbed by my rising. I patted the puppy on the head and assured the mutt that he would be allowed to continue dreaming sweet dreams.

I, on the other hand, had woken to a horrible nightmare. As I proceeded to make my way to the bathroom to wash the sleep out of my eyes, I saw it. Snow. Horrible, atrocious snow! I began to weep and wondered if I had angered God. Why would else would he make it snow? Why would he send such a blighted blanket of white upon us all?

Perhaps it is an illusion brought on by the new day. Sleep paralysis! Yes, this was all a hallucination brought on by sleep paralysis. If I was lucky it wasn't truly snowing- I was simply being attacked by the Popobawa, that monster fresh from the Swahili legends of the Tanzanians. I rubbed the hard, crusty krunk out of my eyes and blinked. My vision adjusted.

It was still snow.

I cleaned my glasses; still there was snow.

I called on the faithful dog who had guarded me so well through the hours of darkest night who too identified this disaster as snow.

There was no denying it... it had snowed... and this is what hell looked like.