Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hot Days

I'm sorry it's been so long since I"ve posted, please forgive me... So here's what's on my mind today...

Our air went out at work last Friday, and the guy just came today to fix it. He said he couldn't fix it today, that we would have to wait till tomorrow. It's 85 degrees in here today. Now, it is hot... but there have been a few comments such as... "It's hotter than Hell in here" or, "It's four times as hot as Hell in here". It got me up on my soap box.

How can a place be hotter than Hell? Is that possible? Don't think so... Last night Bro. Pavitt from England was preaching at our World Missions Conference. The title of his message was, Do you have the right view on Hell? He went through 13 points on what Isaiah said on Hell. It brought me to tears just thinking about all the people I know that might be going there... Do I have the right view of Hell? Obviously not, becuase I'm not knocking down those peoples doors warning them of what is to come, if they don't come to know my Saviour. It got me so convicted I couldn't stop thinking about it, and I still am thinking about it. How can someone just not care? They don't have the right view on hell. I'm hopefully going to bring in my notes from the sermon so that I have the verses to go with it. But this has been on my mind all day... Do you have the right view on Hell? Oh, and please pray that our air gets fixed soon... :)


Brian said...

First one here! YES

Tessa said...

Hey Mrs. Emily!! I havent talk to you in like.....FOREVER!